Local Labor candidates for the Inner West Council are committed to good financial management and getting the basics right if elected on September 9.

Today we are announcing the five principles we will uphold to make sure that ratepayers’ money is not wasted and that the Council is professionally managed on behalf of residents.

We will strictly adhere to the annual capital and operating expenditure adopted by the unelected Council while reprioritising how it is invested to reflect the priorities of local residents, not the NSW Government.

Our team will be dedicated to effectively and efficiently delivering basic services like waste collection and maintenance public assets such as roads and footpaths. 

It’s vital to enshrine in the Code of Meeting Practice a requirement for Councillors to identify how projects they propose will be funded before submitting them for a vote, so that ratepayers’ money is not put at risk by expensive and unplanned policy decisions.

The Liberals and Greens have hardly put forward a policy between them in this campaign, let along any costings, so how can they be trusted to ensure the new Council is professionally managed?

Only Local Labor has a plan to make the Inner West Council work for local residents.

Local Labor candidates are committed to:

1.  Staying within the capital and operational expenditure envelop identified in the council's current operating plan and forward estimates.

2.   Preventing services from being outsourced and privatised.

3.   Conducting a thorough review of current council assets in each ward including roads and footpaths and prioritising repairing and maintaining those that need most attention.

4.   Allocating all new positions identified in our election platform from the surplus created through the restructuring of the organisation, which is already underway. 

5.   Requiring all Councillor motions that include spending to identify how those programs will be funded before the motions are accepted by the General Manager and tabled at a meeting for consideration.

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