Today’s release of the Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 3 of the Westconnex project has confirmed that the Rozelle and Lilyfield communities face a nightmare scenario of four unfiltered smoke stacks being slapped down near our schools, homes and businesses.

Three stacks in the Rozelle Goods Yard and one on Victoria Road, adjacent to Rozelle Public School, will result in a cloud of unfiltered pollution covering Rozelle and Lilyfield for decades to come.

The EIS also proposes a second stack in St Peters, resulting in the residents there having to put up with permanent pollution after the years of destruction they have already endured.

The Government is proceeding with a major construction site at the Dan Murphy’s store on Darley Road in Leichhardt, resulting in taxpayers having to pay out tens of millions in compensation because of the Government’s murky dealings over the lease of that land.

The Berejeklian Government is at war with the Inner West.

Education Minister Rob Stokes says there is “no way in hell” that he would allow a smoke stack near northern beaches schools but his government is recklessly ramming through four of them near schools, parks and playgrounds in Rozelle and Lilyfield.

If elected as Mayor of the Inner West I will hit back hard against this Government’s attacks on our community and mobilise the Inner West against this act of vandalism.