Friday, 7 JUNE 2017 

Local Labor candidates have come out swinging against the Berejiklian Government’s plans to close community submissions on the proposed rezoning of Marrickville and Dulwich Hill as part of the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor a week before council elections in September.

The plans propose 6,000 extra units for Marrickville and 2,000 extra units for Dulwich Hill, with no plans for affordable housing or extra green or open spaces.

Submissions for the draft plans close on September 3, one week before the September council elections. Elected councillors will be powerless to amend the rezoning strategy and once gazetted, the Government’s rezoning will override the local environment plan (LEP).

Labor candidates are calling on the Planning Minister to immediately abandon its rezoning plans until after the conclusion of the planning process for the Metro line.

Labor candidates are also calling on the Minister for Transport to immediately release the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Metro line between Sydenham to Bankstown.  


Comments attributable to Mark Drury, Labor Candidate for Ashfield Ward:

“This rezoning will fundamentally change the character of Dulwich Hill and I am appalled the Government is ramming this through before the council elections.

“The Government is using the Metro to justify thousands of extra units in our suburbs, but at the same time have released little to no detail about how the new Metro would work.

“They are asking residents to accept mass rezoning in good faith that the Metro will be approved or will make any sense for the people of the inner west or Greater Sydney.

"To rub salt in thew wounds, these plans offer nothing in the way community infrastructure of affordable housing. 

“This is nothing but an opportunistic and cynical Government that has it in for the inner west.


Comments attributable to Sam Iskandar, Labor Candidate for Marrickville:

“Elderly residents, residents from Non-English speaking backgrounds, and young families have all had developers banging on their doors and spreading misinformation about the rezoning plans.

“At the same time, the Government has failed to have a conversation about the Metro plans. No-one knows what is going on.

“The Government needs to end the confusion and finally have a fair and honest conversation with inner west residents about what they are trying to do in Marrickville and Dulwich Hill.”


Comments attributable to Chrisanthi Giotis, Labor Candidate for Ashfield: 

"I grew up in Dulwich Hill and I know what these plans will mean for the suburb.

"After denying residents local representation for over 18 months, they are closing feedback a week before local elections the first elections since amalgamation.

"The Minister needs to delay any talk of rezoning until the full details on the Metro are released.

"There is a huge difference between thoughtful development done in partnership with the community and these plans being rushed through by a State Government that knows nothing about our suburbs and that couldn't care less about our neighbourhoods."