At last night’s candidate debate for Balmain Ward John Stamolis made a promise to local residents that if elected as a Councillor he would base his vote for Mayor on the candidate who wins the popular vote at the election.

I welcome this change of heart as despite being nominally “independent” Mr Stamolis has in his time on Leichhardt Council exclusively and continuously voted for Greens Party candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

His unbroken record of voting for the Greens Party to control the Council, on 12 consecutive occasions, has caused many local people to question his independence from the Green political Party.

Given the Greens Party has failed to be honest and transparent with voters about who they will put forward as a mayoral candidate after the election it would be incredible for Mr Stamolis to blindly support them anyway.

Having made this commitment to Balmain Ward voters, to vote for the Mayoral candidate with the largest popular vote at the election, Mr Stamolis is bound to carry through on his promise if he is elected.