Very proud to be the first local government team to ever put forward a comprehensive Indigenous Justice policy. It's time for more justice for Aboriginal people in our own backyard.

Local Indigenous leaders & hard working Inner Westies Agnes Ware from Koori Radio, Zach Wone from Labor for Treaty and former Leichhardt Councillor Bob Webb joined me at Callan Point to announce the plan:

  1. Provide Indigenous language classes at local libraries and support for language classes in childcare centres across the Inner West.
  2. Work with local Aboriginal organisations to establish a Frontier War Memorial that acknowledges the truth of the conflict between Europeans and Indigenous people during the colonisation of the continent.
  3. Protect Callan Park Middens and find ways to permanently protect and preserve the site.
  4. Seek to establish an Aboriginal Community Centre in the Inner West Council area.
  5. Establish a history walk between Iron Cove and the Tom Uren Trail documenting significant cultural and historical Indigenous sites.
  6. Initiate an Indigenous Women’s Group in the Inner West.

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