Today I announce Local Labor’s arts and live Music policy which will bring visual art, music and live performance into thousands more public spaces and private venues throughout the Inner West.

This is a comprehensive plan to keep the Inner West as the creative heart and soul of Sydney and make sure local artists will always have spaces to display and perform their work.

For years politicians have been acting like the fun police, shutting down venues and neglecting the arts.

If elected, our team will do the opposite and be proudly on the side of artists and their audiences.

We will vastly expand public art by seeking to bring Vivid to the Inner West, investing $500 000 to make our area Sydney’s street art capital and decorating all Council waste trucks and industrial vehicles with murals.

Local Labor councillors will reverse the steep decline in the number of creative spaces in the Inner West.

The obscene cost of property and suffocating regulation of local venues has been destroying the habitat artists depend on for years.

By slashing red tape, legalising exhibition and performance in all non-residential premises and putting an end to the prosecution of live music venues we can regenerate our arts and music scene.

A new $200 000 Live Music Development Fund will also provide up to $10 000 of direct grant funding to individual venues for the equipment and property upgrades needed to host more live music gigs.

Local Labor Councillors will:

1. Bring Vivid Sydney to the Inner West

Local Labor will present a proposal to Destination NSW to bring the Vivid Sydney Festival to into key mainstreets and iconic locations throughout the Inner West.

2. Establish a Live Music Development Fund 

Local Labor will set up a $200,000 live music fund to encourage artists and venues to put on more gigs at existing live music venues, as well as establish new venues throughout the Inner West.

3. Bring arts and live music to the shop fronts, former factories, cafes and office blocks of the Inner West

Local Labor will introduce reforms that will allow non-residential buildings to be used as a small scale arts and live music spaces, without the need for a development application to be submitted.

4. Make Sydenham a creative hub

Local Labor is committed to transforming the industrial area between Sydenham Station and Victoria Road in Marrickville into a vibrant live music and arts precinct, building on the ground breaking planning reforms delivered by Labor councillors for the precinct previously.

5. Make the Inner West Sydney’s street art capital

Local Labor invest $500 000 in new street art and remove the restrictions homeowners and businesses face if they want to decorate their premises with murals. We will also decorate garbage and recycling trucks and other Council vehicles with murals and positive social messages about harmony, respect and diversity. 

6. Expand the artist in residence program across the Inner West

Local Labor will set aside five properties as temporary residencies and five spaces as temporary work spaces across the local government area to be made available to visual artists, sculptors, and writers.