Local Labor have today announced that they will direct council resources to get out the vote and maximise public participation in the event that a postal plebiscite to decide the issue of marriage equality goes ahead.

If elected, Labor councillors will throw the Council's support behind a public information campaign to let local residents know about the vote and how to make their voices heard, with the aim of having the nation's highest participation rate in the Inner West. 

This follows the release of an ambitious policy to celebrate and support the LGBTIQ community in the inner west, including the establishment of Australia’s first Pride Centre, commissioning an LGBTIQ welcome mural and providing council venues for free for marriage services for the first 100 days after marriage equality is passed. 

Ballot papers for the plebiscite are due to start hitting mailboxes on September 12, three days after the council election.


 Quotes attributable to Mat Howard, Labor candidate for Marrickville

“This postal plebiscite has to go down as one of the most ridiculous proposals in Australian political history, but the local LGBTIQ community will fight it and we’ll win it.   

 “The Federal Government is trying to delay and obstruct marriage equality and our local Council will make sure every residents knows how to get involved and have their say.  

“Getting out the vote in support of marriage equality will be key to ensuring a victory for the “yes” team.

“If we maximise turn out here in the inner west, I know we’ll have the highest “yes” vote in the country.”


Quotes attributable to Darcy Byrne, Labor candidate for Mayor of the Inner West

“The day after council elections, the Local Labor team will be full shoulder to the wheel in support of the ‘Yes” campaign.

“We’ve already announced bold new policies to support the local LGBTIQ community and we’ll continue to show the kind of leadership sorely lacking from our spineless Prime Minister.

“Each of the three former councils made clear statements of support for marriage equality and the new council will be no different, depending on who is elected on September 9.”