Jeanette (Mei) Wang

Jeanette Wang


Jeanette (Mei) Wang was elected as Councillor of Ashfield Council in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. During her two terms as councillor, Jeanette contributed her knowledge and experiences in politics, media and community services to the building of community and urban planning in the Ashfield Local Government area. Since May 2016, Jeanette has been a member of the Local Representation Advisory Committee of the Inner West Council.

She is concerned about the economy, community services and women’s affairs in the Inner West Council, especially in the Marrickville area. The wellbeing of families and excellence in local government administration are priorities on Jeanette’s agenda of local affairs. Jeanette hopes residents in the Marrickville ward will live an enjoyable life in a multicultural and harmonious environment.