Today’s legal challenge in the Supreme Court, to the acquisition of properties in the Rozelle Goods Yard for Stage 3 of Westconnex is a massive blow to the Berejiklian Government and jeopardises the entire project.

The Court has held over the case until November, preventing the compulsory acquisition from proceeding within weeks, as the Government had arrogantly intended.

In blatantly seeking to rip-off and not properly compensate long standing local businesses like Gillespies Cranes, Swadlings Timber and Hardware and the Desane Group the Government has gone too far and imperilled their own project.

Having steamrolled their way through homeowners in Haberfield and St Peters the Government is now mistakenly taking on someone their own size in the form of these brave businesses in Rozelle.

The challenge by Desane Group to the Government’s compulsory acquisition is set to prove what we’ve all suspected – that taking businesses and homes without prior planning approval is unjust and improper.

With at least four unfiltered smoke stacks proposed in our community and long standing local businesses and homeowners being forcibly evicted, the people of Rozelle and Lilyfield have had enough of the Government’s incompetent and destructive implementation of Westconnex.

The hypocrisy of the Government promising that there’s “no way in hell” that unfiltered smoke stacks will be located near school on the northern beaches while recklessly approving them near our children’s schools has rightly caused outrage and resentment.

Having advertised that the Environmental Impact Assessment for Stage 3 of Westconnex would be placed on public exhibition today the Government has now decided to keep it under wraps.

Given this Government is so inept and secretive how can they expect local people to put up with the pollution, job losses and destruction of public space Westconnex brings to their neighbourhoods?