Mark Drury

Mark Drury


Mark Drury is an experienced Labor councillor who has represented the people of Ashfield since 2006. He has always sought opportunities to make our communities more livable, vibrant and connected, and fostered our impulses to care for those who need extra help.

He oversaw the building of a new Ashfield Civic Centre and a significantly improved library, town hall and community rooms. He delivered increased expenditure on roads and footpaths and put the political spotlight on improving our town centres. He has been a fierce advocate for improving our parks and recreational facilities, and will ensure the Ashfield Aquatic Centre is modernised.

He is committed to the long term financial sustainability of a council that provides residents with the full range of local government services that are of high quality and responsive to their needs. He wants to work with the state and federal governments to address the critical urban issues. He is particularly interested to get some meaningful changes to make housing and rental properties more affordable and secure.